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Online Scuba Lessons
Open Water Scuba Diver
Start exploring the secrets of a ship wreck!
Experience close encounters with fantastic
species in exotic corners of the world!
You'll find adventure on every scuba dive!
Meet other people that share
your quest for unending excitement!

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 Includes 5 sections, final exam, academic certificate,
and worldwide universal referral form.
Present the referral forms to ANY scuba instructor from
ANY scuba certification agency to continue with confined water (pool)
and open water certification scuba dives.

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Section 1
Required Scuba Equipment
Mask, Snorkel, Fins, and Booties
Tanks - Scuba Cylinders
Buoyancy Control Jacket (BC)
Scuba Regulators
Lycra skins and  wet suits

Safe - Fun - Easy

Section 2
What is Air?
Thermal Considerations
Light and sound underwater.
What is Pressure?
Buoyancy Control
Air consumption

Thrilling - Exciting - Fascinating

Section 3
Air Spaces in the human body.
Equalization Techniques
 Breathing underwater
Thermal considerations.
Secondary effects of pressure.
Health and fitness considerations

Enjoy a lifetime of fun!

Section 4
Underwater Conditions
Dive Sites
Accessing waves and surf conditions
Marine Life
Solving problems
Rescue techniques
Out of Air Options
Underwater Communications
Hand signals and sign language

A vacation full of adventure!

Section 5
Dive Time Planning
Absorption Nitrogen
Residual Nitrogen
Dive Time Limits
Flying after diving
Nitrogen Time Tables

Make new friends!


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Certified Divers can use the course for refresher training.

Progress quizzes at the end of each section.


Username and password are provided by email.

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